House of Relish

House of Relish

100% organic fruits and vegetables sourced from local producers, paired with enigma, mystery and a love story that make every jar come to life.

Discover a world of flavor with our jam-packed cast of characters!

The Concept

Our entire product line is intricately woven around the mysterious love story of the House of Relish and its captivating characters, adding an enchanting essence to each jar. We take pride in creating unique, organic, and health-conscious products. We use natural ingredients, minimal sugars, and no refined sugars to maintain authentic flavors. Seasonal fruits inspire our delectable jams, ensuring fresher and vibrant tastes. Apart from traditional jams, we offer a variety of marmalades, chutneys, jellies, and vinegars to cater to different preferences. Our guilt-free indulgence philosophy guarantees high-quality ingredients for delightful culinary experiences, from spreading on toast to enhancing recipes and cheese platters.

House of Relish


Amidst rolling hills stood the House of Relish, a grand home veiled in mysteries. Lord Jamlin and Lady Jam, a secretive couple, shared a love that veiled intriguing secrets. Whispers circulated about Mistress Jellina’s possible affair with Lord Jamlin, while Sir Chut, his loyal right-hand man, concealed his own desires beneath a facade of duty. Residents’ subtle glances hinted at hidden connections, and the arrival of the Drunken Sailor brought unease, as his origins and intentions remained unknown. With love, intrigue, and enigma in the air, the House of Relish became a place where mysteries entwined, waiting to be unraveled.



Lady Jam, a woman of striking beauty and undeniable charm, was an enigmatic presence within the House of Relish. Married to Lord Jamlin, her allure extended beyond the bounds of their union. With an affinity for corsets that accentuated her hourglass figure, Lady Jam possessed a flair for high fashion that bewitched the townsfolk. Whispers hinted at clandestine affairs that fluttered around her, leaving traces of mystery in their wake.



Lord Jamlin, a man of honor and esteemed in high society, was deeply captivated by Lady Jam, his beloved wife. Their love, once a beacon of light, now seemed clouded by a veil of unease. Whispers floated through the halls, suggesting that Lord Jamlin, burdened by hidden grievances, sought solace in the arms of Mistress Jellina. Though discreet and seemingly inconspicuous in his actions, a faint trace of guilt lingered in his eyes.



Behind her demure exterior and diligent service as the main housemaid, Mistress Jellina concealed a multitude of secrets, like puzzle pieces waiting to be assembled. Her eyes held a glimmer of mystery, hinting at a hidden agenda or desires yet to be uncovered. What had brought her to the House of Relish? What secrets did she carry within her fragile heart? Only time and a careful unraveling of the enigma will reveal the true nature of Mistress Jellina.



Lord Jamlin’s right-hand man and closest confidant, a man of refined tastes, who found solace andinspiration within the pages of books and the allure of all things beautiful. Behind his composed demeanor, however, beat the heart of an unrequited love, a deeply concealed affection for Lady Jam. Their interactions were filled with subtle glances and unspoken words, leaving the true nature of their connection shrouded in uncertainty. Whether Lady Jam’s heart echoed the silent yearnings of Sir Chut remained a mystery, their unspoken love affair forever bound within the secret chambers of the House of Relish.



A mysterious figure with a tattered past, his arrival sparked whispers of a hidden connection to the family that resided within. No one knew his true identity or the origins from which he emerged, but an unspoken familiarity lingered in his eyes when he gazed upon the inhabitants of the house. Is he a long-lost relative, a forgotten lover, or perhaps a bearer of secrets that could unravel the enigma surrounding the intricate web of relationships within the House of Relish?

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