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About Us

“Food is emotion, spoken through taste.”

- House of Relish

About us

From a small house that grew bigger, every jar tells a story.

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The Kitchen / Christmas

In the midst of my heartbreak, I found comfort in the humble confines of my kitchen in Zagreb. Desperate to mend my broken spirit, I poured my emotions into creating a plethora of homemade jams. As I sat there, surrounded by jars filled with vibrant flavors, my mother walked into my apartment and discovered the scene before her. Curiosity twinkled in her eyes as she inquired about the abundance of jams. With a gentle smile, she suggested that I sell them and give them quirky names. In that very moment, fueled by my emotional state, we both blurted out various names, my mother that one would be called Lady Jam, and me that the other would-be Lord Jamlin. Little did I know that this spontaneous naming would mark the beginning of a remarkable journey, paving the way for the House of Relish to emerge and thrive.



A New Beginning / February

In an unexpected turn of events, our jams found an unlikely ally in the form of a prominent and exceedingly handsome wine shop owner. Captivated by the exquisite flavors and superior quality, he couldn’t help but spread the word about our delectable creations. Word-of-mouth quickly took hold, and soon enough, the tantalizing tales of our jams were being whispered among the culinary connoisseurs. As if caught in the irresistible allure of our preserves, heritage boutique hotels eagerly sought out our jams, their elegant spreads yearning for the perfect accompaniment. Organic shops, driven by their dedication to wholesome products, were quick to embrace our organic offerings. The momentum grew, the demand soared, and our humble kitchen creation transformed into a thriving venture, where the essence of our heritage was perfectly encapsulated in each jar of our remarkable jams.

London calling / July

As fate would have it, my journey took me to the vibrant city of London. I never imagined that this bustling metropolis would hold the key to unlocking the next chapter of our business. Here, I found a kindred spirit, a friend who shared my passion and had a burning desire to elevate our business to new heights. Together, we embarked on a thrilling endeavor, relocating to a shared kitchen nestled in the heart of Battersea. With every step, our enthusiasm spread like the spots of jam that adorned our aprons, marking the birth of a new adventure filled with endless possibilities. In this enchanting city, we carved our path, fueled by our mutual dedication, and with each jar we crafted, we left a sweet imprint on the palates of Londoners, savoring the sweet taste of success with every spoonful.


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