House of Relish

House of Relish

100% organic fruits and vegetables sourced from local producers, paired with enigma, mystery and a love story that make every jar come to life.

The Concept

We take pride in creating unique, organic, and health-conscious products that elevate your everyday cooking. We use organic, natural ingredients, minimal sugars, no refined sugars and no artificial preservatives to maintain authentic flavors. Seasonal fruits and vegetables inspire our delectable products, ensuring fresher and vibrant tastes, so we hope you don’t hold it against us that some products are not available all year round. Apart from traditional jams, we offer a variety of marmalades, chutneys, sauces, an assortment of pickled foods, infused sugars and vinegars to cater to different preferences. Our guilt-free indulgence philosophy guarantees high-quality ingredients for delightful culinary experiences, ones that you’ll want to embark on again and again.

Our Story

Our entire product line is intricately woven around the mysterious love story of the House of Relish and its captivating characters, a secretive couple sharing a love that veiled intriguing secrets or Sir Chutneys whose subtle glances hinted at hidden connections. How did we come up with this? One kitchen, mother and daughter, heartbreak and a lot of free time. Oh and we do love a good love story. We poured our souls, imagination and love into every jar so that you can taste a piece of magic (and maybe an occasional tear) with each spoonful.

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